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Ayurveda suggests we carry out a cleanse between the seasons of winter/spring, and summer/autumn, as part of a preventative healthcare plan.

For Ayurveda the human being is part of nature and effected by the seasons. As we move from winter to spring, we need to support the lymph system that has often become stagnant from the winter hibernation period — heavier foods, less exercise, more curling up and sitting around inside in the warm.

A stagnant lymphatic system can result in lowered immunity; a build up of mucus leading to colds and spring flus; feeling tired, lethargic, and fatigued, as well as a little flat and uninspired.

Carrying out an Ayurvedic cleanse between late winter and spring is a great way to clear out any excess mucus,  bring the flow state back to your lymphatic system, reignite your enthusiasm for life, and support your immunity.

There are 3 parts to an Ayurvedic cleanse: pre-cleanse which prepares your mind and body for the cleanse; active cleanse during which you eat a deeply cleansing meal of kitchari, rest, and step away from worldly demands; and post-cleanse which involves gently reintroducing every day life and food back into your daily routine, as well as rejuvenative foods to replenish.

Download this free ebook that guides you through a simple Ayurvedic home cleanse.

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse ebook