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Here’s a series of pictures showing the different stages of ghee making.

Melt unsalted organic butter (if you can get hold of it use fermented

Have the heat on low and the butter in a heavy bottomed pan. Once the butter has melted it will start to sizzle and splutter, make doubly sure the heat is low.

The next two pictures show how the milk solids create a foam on the top which gradually breaks apart as the milk solids fall to the bottom. The heat is low so that the milk solids don’t burn before the process is complete. The spluttering you will hear is the water content evaporating off.

You can see in the above two pictures how the foam starts to break apart as the milk solids fall to the bottom of the pan and the moisture content evaporates off. There comes a point when the foam has gone and there are just some bubbles left – see next photo…

Now let the solids on the bottom caramelise but don’t let them burn, keep watching carefully and listening, and stirring to prevent burning. When there is no more spluttering and you can see and smell that the milk solids have caramelised – smell like popcorn, it’s time to strain your ghee through muslin into a glass container.



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