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Published On: May 9, 2022Categories: Peaceful Belly Kitchen0 Comments0.9 min read

Here’s an easy sweet treat for Vata and pitta types. I cheated and used shop brought shortcrust pastry which makes it really quick to make.

I rolled out the pastry and cut into a circle, put this on a greased baking tray, then spread apple & pear spread over it – you could use any sweet jam. Then de-stoned and sliced the plums and arranged them on top. I baked in the oven on medium heat for about 30 minutes.

Once out of the oven I served the galette with cinnamon cream. I mixed cinnamon powder into some double cream, but you could make a nice cashew cream adding some cinnamon and lemon zest (you just soak a cup or so of cashew nuts overnight then drain and blitz with enough water to create a cream consistency).

Serve with cream and maple syrup.

Kapha plums are sweet or sour, both tastes it’s better for you to lean away from, they can unbalance you.
Vata types both sweet and sour plums are balancing for you.
Pitta types sweet plums are balancing for you but sour plums aren’t.

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