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Published On: November 25, 2020Categories: Peaceful Belly Kitchen0 Comments1.2 min read

Here’s a really simple grain and vegetable dish, you’d need to add the type of protein you need – at this time of year it is good for Vata types to eat some meat or fish if vata dosha in their constitution goes easily out of balance (ungrounded, insomnia, racing thoughts, over-sensitive to the world around them, constipation, dry skin conditions, joint pain are some of the symptoms); Pitta and Kapha types should be fine with beans if their digestion is working well.

I kept it really simple because I’m still posting for the Sattva 21 – 21 days of sattvic recipes and tips. The grain I used was spelt and wild rice. You can toss this in olive oil for Pitta types and mustard or sunflower oil for Kapha types, then add your favourite freshly chopped herbs and s squeeze of lemon or lime, plus a Little Rock salt.

Here’s the recipe for the winter squash, again really simple and sattvic. I roasted up 1/4 of one of the squashes from out back to play with, until nice and soft. You can then half mash with ghee which melts into it, squeeze on some fresh lime juice, and throw in some freshly chopped herbs – cilantro and parsley are what I had and both are sattvic – then throw on some rock salt and mix in some soft goats cheese.

Easy, simple, cosy ?

Faro with lemon ghee & green veggies

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