Healthy digestion & good nutrition

There are two options for the 12-week Healthy Gut Programme. Option 1 focuses on mastering Ayurveda for digestion & nutrition. Option 2 combines Ayurveda for managing digestion & nutrition with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for managing stress.


  • 12 weeks.
  • Virtual.
  • Discover your constitution.
  • Learn how to spot imbalances.
  • Nutritional plan.
  • First aid for acute digestive symptoms.
  • How to carry out a digestive reset.
  • How to carry out a simple Ayurvedic home cleanse.
  • One to one coaching calls 30 minutes each week or 60 minutes every other week for option 1, or 30 minute solution focused hypnotherapy session for option 2.
  • Weekly email if needed.
  • 30 minute Mp3 yoga nidra for option 1.
  • 30 minute Mp3 to relax the mind for option 2.
  • Ayurvedic ebook to support your plan with food, exercise, herbal, aroma and seasonal guidance.

The first session lasts for 90 minutes and consists of the Ayurvedic consultation and introduction to gut-directed hypnotherapy. From there you can decide which option you would prefer.

Cost: in person, at Neal’s Yard Remedies Bath, £740, or virtually, £465. Payments can be made in 3 instalments.

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