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Published On: May 17, 2021Categories: Peaceful Belly Kitchen0 Comments1.2 min read

If you know your constitution, vata types who are feeling off balance can benefit from including some meat in their diet, especially if they are feeling ungrounded, spaced out and undernourished – this is a great dish for addressing this. Kapha types do well on a warm vegan diet.  Pitta types can do well with or without meat in their diet. If you eat meat this recipe is fine for all types.

Both vegetable and bone broth are good sources of hydration and this is especially important for anyone suffering gut challenges.

If you drink a warm mug of broth 30 minutes before eating you will lubricate the stomach walls which supports digestion. 30 minutes is the time it takes for the liquid to move through and out of your stomach – you don’t want the liquid swilling around in your stomach when you eat, it puts out your digestive fire.

For this lunch I simply cooked up barley in some chicken broth and served it with white chicken meat and wilted wild garlic leaves. Along with homemade lime pickle, which you could leave out if you are suffering gut problems.

I poached a chicken breast in butter for about 4 minutes on each side.

I wilted the wild garlic leaves by steaming them, they will be bringing in the woodland soil microbiome, so important for your gut microbiome to remain in balance and healthy.

Good meal for all Ayurvedic constitutions (tridosha)

Tuna & pasta with wilted wild garlic
Gut health & your constitution

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