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Published On: April 13, 2021Categories: Peaceful Belly Kitchen0 Comments0.6 min read

This is simple to pull together when you have prepped for the week. The components are:

Farro cooked then mixed with toasted sesame oil, toasted sunflower seeds, lemon juice and parsley

Roasted whole beetroots and winter squash

chard sauted in ghee and lemon

Feta & coriander balls  – literally feta cheese and fresh coriander leaf blended together and formed into balls


Bean balls – I mashed together cooked aduki beans with some cooked beetroot, lime juice, coriander, parsley and mint and seasoned with black pepper and rock salt, biding with some chickpea flower and cooked in a little ghee

This bowl is nourishing, simple, sattvic and good for your health.

Faro with lemon ghee & green veggies
Stuffed roasted beets

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